As a standard 3D production software such as 3DS Max can output only normal ‘flat’ static 2D images or video/film sequences. TurnTool allows to export the entire 3D scene from 3DS Max to a file format readable to an Internet browser. The result is that 3D objects or 3D environments can be displayed on webpages and accessed by virtually everyone, everywhere.

The 3D model scene can be placed like a standard graphic element on any web page or become the webpage itself. It is possible to interact with the model in endless ways using standard web scripts and thus put to almost any use imaginable product configurators, visualisation of built enviroments, micro gaming etc.

Technically the TurnTool Box is an export plugin to 3DS Max. The TurnTool Box produces a .tnt file which contains 3D objects, animations, textures everything needed to display the 3D presentation. This tnt file will normally be imbedded into a web page much like an image or video.

To display and interact with the 3D presentation, the internet browser needs only to install the viewer software once and you will be able to surf the web in 3D. It is that easy.

Install TurnTool Viewer

Install TurnTool