TurnTool provides 3D to the Internet the easy way. The file format keeps file download time to an exceptional low and the requirements of the display system i.e. the enduser’s PC are kept basic. In this way, entry level is low and most people can acces 3D content provided by TurnTool.

The common uses for TurnTool is showing an object (or product) from all sides and angles or displaying an environment  (or building) that you can move through freely. This can be achieved in an instant without a single line of code.

However displaying the 3D inside a web page gives the 3D web artist a wide range of scripting possibilities to work with the 3D object or scene. Basically TurnTool runs like a game engine so interacting with the 3D scene can be designed purely from the users perspective and will be limited mainly by the creativity of the 3D artist and his or  hers scripting skills.

Some of the more commonly used features in a TurnTool scene would be animated camera for flythoughs, hide/unhide/merge for displaying modular product variations, save image to desktop, moving and changing 3D objects within the scene for redecorating appartments etc.

TurnTool files can be saved  and archived, reopened or placed seamlessly inside a scene that is beeing viewed. If the window  displaying a TurnTool scene is resized, TurnTool will adapt and instantly render to the new size.

Virtually all parameters that are packed into the TurnTool scene can be changed and interacted with via scripting. The full range of script commands is found in the support section of this website. Have a look at the gallery for examples of TurnTool put to use.