Even though we find ourselves the centre of action we actually depend on our users and what they are doing with TurnTool. So please if you have seen or made a nice TurnTool solution that you would like to share with the world, then please contact us.

SEP 2011

TurnTool Merge is released!

TurnTool is proud to announce a new standard in web 3D where simple approach have lead to efficient solutions. TurnTool releases a new module called Merge. You can add Merge to a specific solution and save precious time in development, [...]

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FEB 2011

Breaking news! TurnTool2011 Released!

After years of intense development, we are proud to present the biggest software release in TurnTool history. We have completely rewritten the source-code making it faster, better and more fun to work with. Grab your copy today. Here is an [...]

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JAN 2010

Hi honey! I just went balcony-shopping last night!

Have a look at the design I’ve made. It just about fits our budget and we can have it ready before the garden party next month. The danish modular balcony “MinAltan” is essentially a self build kit that uses a [...]

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NOV 2009

The PlanEdit 3D Floorplan system is now powered by TurnTool2011

The PlanEdit system is the world’s leading supplier of interactive low-cost 3D solutions for the real estate industry. TurnTool technology has always been used as the foundation in the PlanEdit 3D floorplan system. Today an important milestone in the development [...]

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AUG 2009

The TurnTool Viewer now supports Internet Explorer 8

A few changes were necessary to get the TurnTool Viewer to work under Internet Explorer 8. Internet Explorer 8 running on Windows Vista or Windows 7 seems to enforce that plug-in’s receive keyboard and mouse events from the windows message [...]

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AUG 2008

TurnTool now supports FireFox 3! has released their long awaited Firefox 3 browser. The TurnTool Viewer will now fully support FireFox 3 after the integration with FireFox has been updated. We have noticed an increasing use of FireFox among our users and developers especially. [...]

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