The balcony builder is the pivot point in a fast growing business that is presenting balconies as a consumer product. The balconies are assembled from a limited number of prefabricated pieces and the possible variations are virtually endless.

The TurnTool application is a tool for decision making that gives the customer instant feedback on physical appearance and exact project price as they go.

The option to save locally and share entire projects though e-mail makes the application an essential time saver in sales, communication and documentation.

PlanEdit 3D Floorplan

PlanEdit is a TurnTool driven Real Estate visualisation tool that gives customers a spatiual interpretation of a floor plan.
It delivers a alternative to fotos where the appartment or house is shown with alternative furnishing and interchangable floors, wall colours etc.
The floor plans are drawn in a TurnTool based editor and comes with auto generated overview animation, walk cam, movable furniture, choice of alternative kitchens styles and a range of other styling options.

As a result the 3D PlanEdit floorplan becomes a starting point of ideas and imagination beeing derived of the style of the former owner.
Production costs are held surprisingly low due to a highly effective production setup and substantial volume.

Fredericia Furniture

Ever wanted a sofa designed exactly to your own colourful taste and avaliable space? Seracs is a sofa or a sofa construction system that offers exactly that. Each of its modules fits side by side and can be upholstered individually. This leads to hundreds and hundreds if possible designs so how to choose the perfectly right for you?

Fredericia Furniture chose to make a TurnTool web application where designs can be evaluated. Technically it merges the modules from external files, it saves projects as 3D Turntool files and includes a send feature.

Konfiguration applications are a great way to give costumers a hands-on experience of working with the product exploring the possiblities TurnTool 3D provides a way to a valuable and unique visual feedback at your fingertips.


TurnTool was appointed as official 3D technology at world Expo 2010 in Shanghai. New features now avaliable in the TurnTool Box was developed for displaying of the model of the Danish pavillion.

Visit the presentation the pavillion and its contents in a virtual visit to Shanghai 2010. The graphic design is developed by the desigers of the building and integrates all interface into the 3D window for a aestetic full screen experience.

Standard architectural presentation feats such as walk and overview cam, preset positions and guided tour are combined with an advanced animated menu, walking avatars and image/video viewing module created by a 3rd party.

The project was commisioned by the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority.